Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh, the places she'll go!

My baby girl, at 2 months old, is ready to get going. I can just tell. She's ready to move. Enough of this being carried and held and swaddled and strapped in a car seat and a swing all the time. Work, legs, work! she's saying. Let's start this running routine.

I am kidding about the running.

But I do think she's anxious to go places, see the living room sights, on her own.

While she is nowhere close to being able to move around with any sort of efficiency on her own (she can't even roll over yet), she has figured out how to flip herself completely around in her crib and how to move herself around on the floor with her feet. She just sort of digs her heels in and pushes.

It's pretty awesome.

Look what she can do. She started out this morning under the activity bar playmat thing. This is at least a quarter-mile she's traveled, right?

And here's a close-up of her happy look-where-I-went-Mommy face.


Chris said...

That's so cute. And I agree - definitely a quarter mile! I hope you're enjoying the time home with her. :)

jenny said...

Oh my! Look at how much she's grown!

I agree, that's definitely a quarter mile. She's on her way!

Jeannine said...