Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Two days ago, my baby girl turned three weeks old. I remember when being three weeks away from my due date felt like forever.

In these three weeks, she has changed - it's incredible how fast they grow. And so have we.

It is harder having two children, like everyone says. I feel pulled in two directions much of the time. The guilt has increased. Time for myself has decreased.

But I try to remember, even as I'm awake for the third time in one night stumbling up the stairs with a bottle, that she'll grow up before I know it, before I even realize what hit me.

Jenny came on Friday for Paige's first "real" pictures. I think they're beautiful.


Chris said...

The picture of Rye and Paige together is beautiful. Rye looks like such a handsome big brother!

Jeannine said...

It is harder isn't it? I often think now that I should not have showered Fen with so much attention then she wouldn't have been so aware of losing some of my time, but we do what we do and then for the rest of our lives try to fix it.:) I think it is always easier for the second child because they always will know sharing your attention that's just life for them, always has been and always will be and they are just fine with that. Lucky them.

The pictures are wonderful.

Meg said...
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Ashley said...

haha megan its ok she knows u :)

Meg said...

aww paige is so adorable!!! i love the pic of rye and paige together! he looks so old! lol

btw if u didnt know im ashleys dont think im a stalker or anything cuz im not..ha lol

Anonymous said...

Beatiful pictures. I really like the one of Rye and Paige.