Saturday, December 6, 2008

Single mom

I'm alone this weekend with Rye. And I wonder what it's like to be alone with your child all the time.

So far, the interaction is far more intense, the needs more needy, the demands more all on me. But so far the reward has also been just a little bit better.

I'm the only one here to get him juice, find the right Clone Wars episode on the tape, put the weapon into the Star Wars guy's hand, play with him downstairs, get him a blanket when he's cold, make him breakfast, get him dressed, help him go to the bathroom, wash his face, brush his teeth, do the laundry, make myself coffee, clean up from breakfast ... before I know it it's lunchtime and we start all over again.

Usually, I have help. And I'm not complaining today that I don't have help. Everyone should get a break every now and then. Often even. As adults, we don't get to do what we really want to do often enough, or ever at all. There ought to be a way we don't have to give up our own desires, interests when we grow up, even when we are parents to someone else. So I'm glad Dane is skiing this weekend with one of his best friends in the world. I wish he could go more often.

Despite the demands all on me, Rye and I have had a pretty beautiful morning.

We played downstairs and I helped him get stickers out of a Star Wars book he has and put them on a tackle box turned Star Wars box. At the same time, I used the computer and we listened to music. After an hour or so of that, he let me take a shower, and now I'm ready to do I don't know what and he's coloring by himself.

Tomorrow, I'm sure we'll do the same thing. And Monday morning I'll probably feel like the weekend was too short after all.


Jeannine said...

Sounds like it is turning out to be great for everyone. What's your weather like over there? It is way to mild here. We might get rain tomorrow, not snow, rain! Crazy. Can't wait to hear about the drano test.

Zoe said...

I will be get a full helping of this over the next couple of months.....Thor just took a job in VA so he will be living there Monday thru Friday and back on the weekends. We'll have to see how it goes. He left this afternon and so far so good.

dane said...
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