Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jammy Day

Tomorrow is pajama day at daycare for Rye, but he does not want to wear them.

He wants to wear clothes, actual jeans and a construction-themed long-sleeve t-shirt, like every other day.

He likes the routine. He thrives on the routine.

But what I wouldn't give to have jammy day at work, to break the awful routine.

Come on, think of the possibilities for an entertaining day! Instead of pants that never seem to fit right, turtlenecks and boring, closed-toe winter-time shoes, we would get flannel pants with pumpkins on them and fleece socks with snowflakes. And we could wear them together, even though they don't match at all. We could wear old track t-shirts from high school and ratty sweatshirts with holes in them if we wanted.

There would potentially be no stress about getting dressed in the morning -- because you wouldn't have to!

Plus, you'd get to see everyone else in jammies. Even the bosses.

Think about that.

That would be great.


bryan said...

When I escape this place -- this place being 14whatever Douglas Ave. -- every day will be pajama day.

Don't ask how I got here. It's a long story.

Veronica said...

Hmm ... but I really want to ask how you got here (not that you're not welcome)...

Jeannine said...

Ahh, the wonderful predictability of a first born. The ones who keep us all in order and walking the straight and narrow. Thank you to you, Rye and Fen.

Pajama day for grown-ups would be great. I think you should suggest it for your work. It would be a great conversation piece during your interviews.

bryan said...

How I got there ... well, it starts with boredom. Crushing, desperate boredom. It generally sets in around 8:30 or so, and you end up just clicking on things to see if it'll be interesting.

So I started clicking. In one of my friend's Blogger profile, I clicked on the button that said Omaha. Did you know there are more than 3,000 people in Omaha with blogs? Some are good, some are quite terrible.

I probably zipped through a dozen or more when I clicked on yours. 'Hey, I know someone named Veronica. Oh! It's Veronica!' And from there I read about Halloween, possibly moving back to Colorado, your birthday -- happy late birthday, by the way -- and, finally, pajama day.

I guess the story wasn't that long.

Jeff said...

You mean blogs are public? Interesting.

Grant said...

This is why I LOVE working from home... everyday is jammy day, plus, despite your desire Veronica, I consider it a plus that I don't have to see any of my coworkers in thier pajamas.